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A Beatles Christmas album is not always super easy to find! Below we are including links to a few popular holiday recordings by the Beatles.

Beatles Christmas AlbumThe Beatles Christmas Album

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Album: Collector’s Item (usually $150+ when available)

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Ultimate Christmas Collection by the Beatles

The Beatles Ultimate Christmas Collection

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Complete Christmas Collection by the BeatlesComplete Christmas Collection by the Beatles

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Our #1 pick is the Beatles Christmas Album. This collection was recorded from 1963 to 1969, and it was released as a collection in 1970. It includes numerous tracks found on the other Beatles Christmas recordings. Here are details on the history:

The Beatles had recorded a short Christmas message for fans every year from 1963 to 1969. The messages were made up of Christmas carols, words of gratitude to fans, skits, and jokes. The recordings were eventually placed on a record and sent to British members of the Beatles Fan Club. Then, in 1970 (when the band broke up), all seven discs were released in one set–called simply Beatles Christmas Album.

The collection includes the following–each of which include several snippets of various recordings, some holiday related, and others not (such as a capella versions of “Yesterday.”):

1. “The Beatles’ Christmas Record” (5:00)
2. “Another Beatles’ Christmas Record” (4:05)
3. “The Beatles’ Third Christmas Record” (6:26)
4. “The Beatles’ Fourth Christmas Record – Pantomime: Everywhere It’s Christmas” (6:40)
5. “Christmas Time is Here Again!” (6:10)
6. “The Beatles’ 1968 Christmas Record” (7:55)
7. “The Beatles’ Seventh Christmas Record” (7:42)

Find more information on each track and the history of this compilation here.